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Packages that use CLSetup
org.jocl.cloth The main package for the cloth simulator 

Uses of CLSetup in org.jocl.cloth

Constructors in org.jocl.cloth with parameters of type CLSetup
ClothSimulationCoreJOCL(CLSetup clSetup, ParticleData p, ResourceHandle<org.jocl.cl_mem> positions, ResourceHandle<org.jocl.cl_mem> candidatePositions, EdgeData[] e, ResourceHandle<java.nio.FloatBuffer> renderingPositions)
          Creates a new cloth simulation core
NormalComputerJOCL(CLSetup clSetup, ParticleData p, ResourceHandle<org.jocl.cl_mem> positions, FaceData f, NormalData n, ResourceHandle<org.jocl.cl_mem> vertexNormals, ResourceHandle<java.nio.FloatBuffer> renderingVertexNormals)
          Creates a new normal computer.
SharedMemHandle(CLSetup clSetup, int vbo)
          Creates a new handle for shared cl_mem objects.
SimpleMemHandle(CLSetup clSetup, float[] array)
          Creates a new mem handle for the given array