Cloth simulation demo

This is a small demo application that performs a simple cloth simulation, dropping a quadratic piece of cloth on a sphere. Different resolutions may be chosen for the cloth mesh, and the simulation may be performed with JOCL or with plain Java. The main application is shown in this screenshot:

The simulation uses some techniques that are described in the presentation Rendering the breeze (4.1 MB PDF) that was held by Yaki Tebeka from Graphic Remedy and Benedict R. Gaster from AMD at SIGGRAPH 2010.

A more detailed description and information about the simulation methods will added here soon.

NOTE: This is only a demo application. No part of this demo application should be considered to have a "public API". Some aspects of the class design blatantly violate the rules of good object oriented design in favor of simplicty and performance. Every part of this demo may change arbitrarily in the future. (4 MB)

Additional cloth data sets: (5 MB)
This archive contains the JOCL Cloth simulation demo JAR files:
  • jocl-cloth-0.0.5.jar The main JAR file containing the cloth simulation classes (JavaDoc)
  • JOCL-Utils-0.0.1.jar JOCL utility classes (JavaDoc)
  • javagl-simplerenderer-0.0.4.jar A simple renderer for rendering the cloth with JOGL or LWJGL (JavaDoc)
  • javagl-simplemesh-0.0.0.jar A set of classes for representing geometric meshes, specifically the cloth mesh (JavaDoc)
  • javagl-utils-obj-0.1.3.jar Utility classes for loading OBJ files (JavaDoc)
  • JOCL-0.1.9.jar The JOCL JAR file
Each JAR file also contains the respective source code and documentation.

Additionally, the archive contains LWJGL for Linux and Windows.

A sample OBJ file with a piece of cloth is contained in the main archive. Additional pieces, also with higher reolutions, are contained in the (5 MB).